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Migrate from v0 to v1

Version 1.* of Virtuoso is a complete rewrite from v0.*, addressing the architectural limitations of the first version and enabling a smooth path to introduce new features.

v1 Primary Benefits

The biggest unresolved challenge in v0 was the so-called reverse (bottom to top) scrolling mode, which is typical for chat and feed interfaces. Prepending items with unknown height to the top of the list was not part of the original design and was not handled well, causing visual glitches and "jumps". This should work fine in v1.

What's New in V1

  • scrollToIndex method now works supports "smooth" behavior. Previously, this was undocumented and "use at your own risk". Check the source code in the example
  • followOutput now accepts "smooth", which means that new items will gradually push the existing content upwards.
  • As an alternative to totalCount, the component now accepts data: any[], which is then used to infer the total count of the items. Each item is passed as a second argument in the itemContent callback.
  • Prepending items is now much easier, using firstItemIndex rather than the adjustForPrependedItems method.
  • Starting the list from the bottom and scrolling up with unknown item sizes should no longer cause glitches and jumps.
  • A Header component is introduced, works in both grouped and flat mode.
  • All unknown properties are now directly passed as attributes to the scroller DOM element - including event handlers like onScroll. This should eliminate the need to use ScrollContainer.

Breaking changes

V1 comes with some property renames, new properties, changed DOM structure, and some behavior tweaks. Most of the old properties have been kept for making the migration easier, with warnings in the console pointing to the new names. The new DOM structure (and the way to customize it) are documented in the Customize Structure

item is now itemContent

This is probably the first change you will encounter. Just rename the property and you should be fine.

group is now groupContent

Same as item, this is a rename without a change in the behavior.

topItems is now topItemCount

Rename, no change in behavior.

itemHeight is now fixedItemHeight

Rename, no change in behavior.

scrollingStateChange is now isScrolling

Rename, no change in behavior.

maxHeightCacheSize is gone

An optimization in the internal data structure made this property unnecessary.

adjustForPrependedItems is gone

Use firstItemIndex instead.

HeaderContainer and FooterContainer are gone

The element type of the wrapper elements can be changed through the headerFooterTag.

All *Container Props are Migrated to the components Dictionary Property

See how it works in the Customize Structure. Note: the components.List (previously ListContainer) now needs a React.forwardRef wrapped component, rather than passing a listRef property.

emptyComponent is now components.EmptyPlaceholder

A rename. No change in the behavior.

A rename. No change in the behavior.

scrollSeek is now scrollSeekConfiguration

The scrollSeek.placeholder is moved to components.ScrollSeekPlaceholder