Troubleshooting React Virtuoso

React Virtuoso tries to hide as much complexity as possible, while maintaining sensible behavior with any kind of configuration. The magic has certain limits though, so please check this section if something does not work as you expect.

List does not scroll to the bottom / items jump around

This is the most common setup error. It happens because the DOM elements inside the items (or the items themselves) have margins. Margins are difficult to measure, not to mention the collapsing behavior. Some elements (for example, p, h*, ul) have default margins.


Use your browser inspector (the computed tab next to styles) and examine the list items. Margins are usually easy to spot. Replace them with padding.

I get "Error: zero-sized element, this should not happen"

Technically, this could have been a warning, but it is usually a sign for something not working as expected, so throwing an error seems better. This means that you either have empty items (something which Virtuoso can't support) or you are hitting a bug of some sort (could be due to some exotic integration scenario).


If you have zero-height items, you need to filter those out before passing them to the component. The internal data structure needs distinct position for each item. There's no way to fix this.

If you see this in another case (a user reported a problem in Cypress), please reproduce it in codesandbox and post a comment in Issue #206.

Experiencing something else?

Please open an issue with a reproduction in code sandbox or stackblitz.