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The recommended way to test the Virtuoso Message List is through an end to end testing library like Playwright. Playwright allows you to interact with the list as a user would, scrolling, clicking, and verifying the content.

Testing with React Testing Library

Testing the Virtuoso Message List with React Testing Library is also possible, but it requires a bit more setup and is not as thorough/reliable as end-to-end testing. The simulated browser environment in JSDOM does not support measurement of scroll position and resize observer events. To work around this limitation, use the VirtuosoMessageListTestingContext component to stub the resize observer measurements.

import { describe, it, beforeEach, expect } from 'vitest'
import { render, screen } from '@testing-library/react'
import { VirtuosoMessageListTestingContext, VirtuosoMessageListLicense, VirtuosoMessageList } from '

function SampleComponent() {
return (
<VirtuosoMessageListTestingContext.Provider value={{ itemHeight: 100, viewportHeight: 400 }}>
<VirtuosoMessageListLicense licenseKey="">
style={{ height: 400 }}
initialData={Array.from({ length: 100 })}
ItemContent={({ index }) => <div role="item">{index}</div>}

describe('dom test', () => {
beforeEach(async () => {
const ResizeObserver = await import('resize-observer-polyfill')
global.ResizeObserver = ResizeObserver.default

it('works', async () => {
render(<SampleComponent />)
await screen.findAllByRole('item')