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List with Footer Example

Customize the Virtuoso component rendering by passing components through the components property.

For example, the Footer component will render at the bottom of the list. The footer can be used for loading indicators or "load more" buttons.

Scroll to the bottom of the list to see end reached.


If you pass the components inline and combine that with useState, each re-render will pass a fresh instance component, causing unnecessary unmounting and remounting. Don't do

<Virtuoso components={{ Footer: () => <div></div> }} />

Instead, move the components to the module level. If you need to control the components state, pass the necessary variables through Virtuoso's context prop.

Live Editor
function Footer() {
  return (<div style={{ padding: '1rem', textAlign: 'center', }} > end reached </div>)

function App() {
  return (
      style={{ height: 400 }}
      components={{ Footer: Footer }}
      itemContent={(index) => ( <div>Item {index}</div>)}

render(<App />)